Animal Planet is currently holding a national casting call for their new show "My Cat From Hell".

The network is looking for cats that are driving their owners (or others) crazy. Would your cat be a candidate for the show? You can apply here.


Jackson Galaxy, our expert cat behaviorist, hasn’t met a cat he couldn’t help. From excessively scratching, biting, growling, ruining furniture, tearing the house apart, escaping, etc., Jackson can help transform your cat back into the feline you love. - Animal Planet

mkclz via YouTube
mkclz via YouTube

Animal Planet suggests that you submit a video of your cat's behavior(s), along with an explanation of how it is affecting your life (or your neighbors, etc). According to the website, Animal Planet is also looking for cats that have done something heroic, have interesting relationships with other animals, an interesting skill or talent, etc. You can submit entries for the "hero" cats here.


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