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An Adele Residency? Rumor Has It...

Rumors that Adele has bought a new house in Las Vegas are circulating around Twitter, bringing excitement for fans who believe the superstar might be getting her own residency. (via Just Jared)

Back To School Shopping Is Expensive! 

A recent survey shows the average parent started back-to-school shopping for the fall on June 19, while another survey reveals the average child costs $800! This is up from 19 percent last year most likely because sanitizer, masks and cleaning supplies have been added as student necessities. (via SWNS)

Dua Lipa Addresses DaBaby's Homophobic Comments

During DaBaby's performance at the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami, he made offensive and homophobic remarks on stage. Dua Lipa, who featured DaBaby on her song "Levitating," said she was "shocked" and "horrified" by his comments and that she 100 percent stands with the LGBTQ+ community. (Complex)

Why Simon Biles Backed Out of Gymnastics Team Finals 

24 year-old gymnastics star Simone Biles has withdrawn from the team finals at the Tokyo Olympics. Although Biles has been dealing with an injury that forced her to back out of another event, the ultimate reason for her departure was a "mental issue." (via TMZ)

Mother Takes Child's Lemonade Stand Too Far?

A video of a mother yelling at community drivers who pass by her children's lemonade stand is going viral on Facebook. The mom has even gone on to erect a barricade in the street to prevent drivers from passing by! Too far? (via Mirror UK)

Save Some Money With Forgotten Gift Cards

Gift cards go to waste more than you think. A recent survey reveals that 51 percent of Americans have unused gift cards buried in a drawer and 73 percent of those unused gift cards are over a year old. Check your house to save some money! (via Bankrate)

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Had a Light-Hearted Lego Lockdown

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got through quarantine by building Lego sets. They got creative by building Hogwarts and even the Batmobile. (via Brick Fanatics)

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