A common antibiotic may soon be hard to get in the United States.

The Food and Drug Administration says that amoxicillin is in short supply across the U.S and that some pharmacies are having trouble getting the common prescription drug.

The reason for the shortage, according to the FDA, is because of the high demand for this particular antibiotic.

We reported here recently that there has been a spike in respiratory infections among kids and this antibiotic is often used to treat the infection.

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Unfortunately, the production of this drug is having trouble keeping up with the high demand for it as we enter the cooler months of the year.

Those in the medical field say that if you or someone you know needs amoxicillin, but can't get the drug, go to other pharmacies or ask your medical provider to prescribe a different antibiotic for the time.

If you are prescribed this antibiotic, you may want to call your pharmacy to ask if they have it in stock, prior to making a trip to the pharmacy.

Medical professionals say to not panic over this bit of news as there's still some Amoxicillin available and other options to treat potential illnesses.

We'll continue to follow this developing story.


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