Protesters planning to attend a Trump rally on Saturday near Ambassador Row won't be able to use the parking lot of the shopping center.

In an update to the original story (below) the Houston company that owns and manages the Ambassador Row property at Ambassador Caffery and Johnston Street signed letters of trespass and notified Lafayette PD "they don't want anybody on their property," according to public information officer Sgt. Wayne Griffin.

Griffin says anyone parking on the property for protest and not visiting any of the stores can be towed and any protesters on the property can be cited for trespassing according to a new report from KATC.

The 'Hold The Line' Trump rally is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Saturday with plans to last until noon to show support for President Donald Trump. Organizer Holly Sanders says the rally is being held to show support for the president who won Louisiana handily with nearly 60% of the vote in both the 2016 and 2020 elections.

We have a right as citizens of this country to gather peacefully and voice our support of Trump. We, as patriots that are for Trump, are going to continue to support him.

According to initial reports on the event, organizers did not obtain a permit and won't need one as long as they protest on public sidewalks or "on private property with permission from the property owner."

This new development means that participants at this Saturday's rally will be limited to the public sidewalks and will have to find parking somewhere other than the Ambassador Row property at the busy Lafayette intersection.

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Ambassador Row appears to be the site of a rally for President Trump planned for Saturday, January 16th, in Lafayette.

On Monday's edition of the Moon Griffon Show, event organizer Holly Sanders called the show to mention her intentions on having the Hold the Line Rally in the Hub City. Now, it's officially scheduled to happen from 10 a.m. until noon at the corner of Ambassador Caffery and Johnston Street.

In the call-in to Moon's show, Holly mentioned concerns raised - much like what was documented by - against her holding the rally in light of last week's deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol following a rally behind held by President Trump in Washington, D.C. Holly has said the protest will be peaceful and mentioned in the call-in that she had notified Lafayette Police and the authorities of the event.

On the event page on Facebook, Holly writes "I'm in for Round #2- Are you? Bring your flags, signs, megaphones, passion, and positivity! If you can talk the talk- come walk the walk" and invites the public to the free two-hour event.

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