The Farmer's Almanac has some interesting predictions for the approaching Fall and Winter seasons here in South Louisiana.

Lots of people have come to trust the Farmer's Almanac when it comes to weather predictions through the years. It's not always one hundred percent accurate, but it's been right enough that some people trust it, even if they're not farmers. Here's what the prognosticators say we can expect in the coming months:

The rest of August: hot and stormy weather with a cool break at the end of the month

September and October: the first few days of the month will see a hurricane threat, with the rest of the month experiencing gradually - cooling temps that will become 'chilly' in the final half of the month. October is expected to be cooler and drier than normal, which is great news for the Jeep Jaunt and Halloween activities.

Click here for more details and pick up a print copy of the Farmer's Almanac for their predictions for the rest of the year.

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