We all saw it coming from a mile away ever since the girls sashayed into the workroom in the very first episode, but that doesn't mean she doesn't wholeheartedly deserve the crown: Alaska Thunderfuck, The Cold-Hearted Snake of the season, is officially the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2, baby...and she's already brewing a fresh batch of tea.

"The T" is the lead track off of Alaska's new album Poundcake, featuring #RTForBrazil anthem, "Come To Brazil." It features Adore Delano, kind of — err, about as long as Season 2 of All Stars featured Adore.

Alaska's using the trap-tinged intro to get real with fans and own up to her questionable decisions (choices!) over the years, from addressing her current (not so) sober state to cheating on her ex, former RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Sharon Needles.

"I tried to quit drinking, it's too much fun / I keep it cute, I act my age, and you're never, ever gonna see me drunk on stage," she pledges.

She even goes in on the "morally bankrupt" demise of the Triple A Girls (Courtney Act, Willam and Alaska) — and apologizes to everyone she eliminated on her way to the All Stars crown: "It's all just a game, and it is what it is at the end of the day."

Tatianna Choices

Watch "The T" all the way to the very end for split-second, show-stealing cameos from a bunch of Drag Race series faves, including Adore, Tatianna (#JusticeForTatianna) and Katya, The People's Winner. And Trixie Mattel! And Willam...as a dude. (Alyssa, you are missed.)

Want to relive the magic from last night's All Stars finale? Watch the Final 4 supergroup perform Ru's bitch track, "Read U Wrote U" — which is officially out today — below.

Condragulations once again, Alaska! The crown and scepter are a beautiful compliment to your serpent skin.

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