Many people went grocery shopping today only to have their EBT cards declined.


This situation started early Sunday morning and was officially confirmed this afternoon when The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) released a statement confirming a (SNAP) benefits outage.

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You can read the full statement below:

DCFS has confirmed that a communication outage involving our national carrier Sunday (7/17/22) caused EBT transactions at Louisiana SNAP retailers to be denied.
We regret any inconvenience this issue has caused our EBT card holders and we anticipate the issue to be resolved later today.
EBT recipients can call the LifeInCheck EBT Call Center (1-888-997-1117) or use the LifeInCheck EBT smartphone app for their balance or report their card lost, stolen, or damaged. Cardholders should ask retailers if the merchant will support a manual voucher for SNAP purchases until electronic purchases are restored. Some retailers have this capability.

Many retailers confirmed that they were in fact experiencing issues today when it came to EBT cards. DCFS has confirmed that the outage has been fixed and that SNAP EBT cards are back online and should be working.


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