Easter egg hunts have been a tradition since the 16th century and kids always look forward to it on Easter Sunday. They run around and see how many eggs they can find, eat the candy inside, get tired and take a nap. Why can’t adults have Easter egg hunts too? Yes, we enjoy watching our littles run around trying to find the candy-filled eggs, but it’s also fun for adults to have their own egg hunts. However, we need to be motivated. Sometimes candy just isn’t enough motivation for mom. Here are some great Easter egg hunt ideas for adults, 21 and older, to try this year.

Boozy Egg Hunt

Fill your plastic eggs with mini bottles of alcohol. Now they make the mini bottles of wine, whiskey, vodka, and rum. Put one inside of each egg and it will become the most valuable  Egg Hunt ever. It might even get pretty intense. When the hunt is done, you can make a little Easter cocktail with your treasures that you found.

Jell-O Shot Egg Hunt

Who doesn’t like a Jell-O shot? Jell-O shot eggs are easy to make.  All you need is a Jell-O shot recipe and some plastic eggs. This is like the adult version of egg-dying. Hide these eggs throughout the house, just make sure no children are around. If the eggs are inside and also hidden in ‘not so hard’ spots, they won’t melt. Your friends can ‘find’ them while visiting.

Spiky-Peeps Egg Hunt

It’s no secret that people have been infusing vodka with candy for years, especially gummy bears. This year, try infusing vodka with the marshmallow Peeps we all love. After you soak the Peeps in your favorite vodka, pop a peep in a plastic egg. Sounds like the perfect desert to me.

Simon Says Sip Easter Egg Hunt

This is actually more of a drinking game. Fill plastic eggs with instructions on how many sips to take. “Simon Says take 3 sips”, “Simon Says skip your turn”, Simon Says take 1 sip, you get the picture. Obviously, the more eggs you find, the more ‘fun’ you could have, if you know what I mean. To add to the Easter fun, make some festive cocktails to "sip".

Let's have the KIDS hunt and the ADULTS hunt this year. Happy Easter!

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