With Thanksgiving around the corner, everyone is already planning their Thanksgiving meal. Some will do turkeys or hams, and others will do something different like brisket for the main part of the dish. But, when it comes to sides, it is so difficult to decide which ones to cook. Louisiana tends to lean more toward sides with a cajun twist, but there is no doubt that people in Acadiana have their favorites. I reached out to friends of friends, checked out the most popular restaurant side dishes for Thanksgiving in Acadiana, and even asked my friends on social media. There is no question that we love casseroles on our dinner table. I think the reason so many people in Acadiana have a lot of the same favorites is because they have strong roots and their families have traditions that they've kept for years. That is why everyone thinks their grandmother's recipes are the best. This is and unofficial 'just for fun' list of Acadiana’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

Acadiana’s Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes

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