If you sit back and dream about one of those television shows coming in and redoing your whole house then I am right there with you. I have tons of ideas, but I just don't have the funds to pay for my ideas. But, I did get some help from thespruce.com with their ten budget-friendly ideas to spruce up your home.

The first idea is a simple and easy one, and I am mad at myself for not thinking of it beforehand. One easy and affordable way to change the look of your home is to change things up with flowers and plants. The idea comes from Kristen Harvey at Kristen Harvey Interiors.

You can find fresh flowers pretty inexpensively at your local big-box store. It's the same for plants, the local grocery store and big-box stores have plenty to choose from when it comes to plants.

Artificial Roses
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My trick for flowers and plants, I will invest in really well-made fake plants or flowers that look real. I find they do give some life to the living room.

Another idea the article talks about is hanging new drapery. This is a great idea from Jessica Shaw of The Turett Collaborative. You can find inexpensive new panels for curtains at almost any store that sells retail items.

If you are crafty, you can even buy fabric and make your own. One tip of mine, if you don't sew that well, I actually bought a longer swath of fabric and then I just dropped it over a very heavy curtain rod that I already had. Believe it or not, it looked chic.

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One of the ideas by experts is to use some paint to spice up or change a room according to Laura Zender from Laura Zender Design. If you have a steady hand and patience you can give one room or the entire house a great new look by spending your money on good primer and bank. You don't need to move! Maybe you just need to paint.

A piece of advice from thespruce.com via Anne Pearson Design is something I do all the time. I use different throw blankets to put on my furniture to give things a new look. If you think about it, throw blankets are not very expensive, and all you have to do is bring in a couple of different ones for each season, and you can store the other throw blankets in a closet.

It's also a good idea as you can wait for a sale at the end of the season to stock up on something that will be fresh the next time you are changing out the throws for that season. The same can be said for pillows or for pillow covers. Pillow covers are a better alternative because they take up so little space.

Cluttered Closet
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One of the most important pieces of advice that they give in this article is one that I need to take to heart myself, but I admit it's pretty hard for me today. We need to de-clutter our space. Don't keep too many things out in the open, it just looks cluttered and messy. If you don't really love it or need it, then give it to a local charity group so that they can sell it to someone who does.

That leads to a point I have about how to change things around in your home. If you don't have a lot of money to spend you would be amazed at some of the really great decorative items and furniture that you can find at our local Salvation Army store in Lafayette, the Hand-Up Thrift Store on Leonie in Lafayette, The Arc store, and the various Goodwill stores in our Acadiana area.

If you have great ideas, be sure to email me at bernie.lee@townsquaremedia.com. I need all the great ideas I can get.

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