As I was driving to work this morning, there was a light dusting of ice on the ground, but things really started revving up about 4:30 this morning.

There was a mixture of sleet, ice and snow that started pelting parts of Acadiana along with the rest of the state. All of this frozen precipitation has led to massive road closures across our state.

State office are closed along with a whole host of other business as law enforcement has asked for everyone to stay off of the roadways. Most people have heeded the warning.

For the majority of people in Acadiana, and the rest of the state for that matter, today is a Snow Day. I capitalized it because a Snow Day in Acadiana is so rare it seems like it should be declared an official holiday!

For many people it is an official holiday today, and they are celebrating the fact that ice, sleet and some snow have fallen across our area. While we certainly can't characterize this as a blizzard or anything, it is certainly looking like a winter wonderland in Acadiana.

I am really enjoying this cold weather and the fun precipitation that has come along with this winter vortex. Even when our news partners over at KATC TV 3 were talking last week about this possible chance of snow this week I was a little bit skeptical. While sleet, ice and snow do not make for great traveling, they do make for some beautiful pictures. It also forces most of us to slow down and take in all the beauty.

We have received beautiful snow and ice pictures from people all across Acadiana.

Snow Day In Acadiana

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