We all have had our moments in traffic where we've wanted to smack a driver in front of us, behind us, or who has passed us driving like a bat out of hell.

Most people take a deep breath and let whatever happened go. Others fly off the handle.

This story is about a man whom Acadia Parish sheriff's deputies say did the latter.

According to Sheriff K. P. Gibson, a Mississippi man is facing charges in connection to a road rage incident that happened on Interstate 10 between Crowley and Jennings.

Gibson says Jacob Pender became angry at another driver while headed westbound. That's when, Gibson says, Pender pulled alongside the car and pointed a handgun at its driver. The other driver called authorities, who pulled over Pender near mile marker 76, four miles west of Crowley.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they found a semi-automatic handgun in Pender's vehicle. Gibson says that gun matched the description the victim gave investigators.

Pender is in the Acadia Parish Jail on aggravated assault and terrorizing charges.

“We want to remind drivers that you never know what can occur as we have seen numerous cases of road rage, especially on the interstate," Gibson said in a press release. "Be aware of your surrounding and notify law enforcement should you find yourself in a situation like this."

And if you ever find yourself annoyed at another driver, remember these words made famous by Doug Llewelyn on The People's Court: Don't take the law into your own hands. You take 'em to court.

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