Austin Tien of Abbeville put others in his community before himself by donating his hard - earned money to help those in need.

With so much negativity in the news and world today, it's a story like this that reminds us that people are awesome and the world is not as dark as it seems. Mt. Carmel Elementary in Abbeville shared via Facebook that one of their students, 5th grader Austin Tien, wanted to donate the money he received for doing chores to the Christian Service Center. The CSC is a non - profit owned by St. Mary Magdalene Church that helps families in the Vermilion Parish area facing crisis situations.

John Listi of the CSC says that

Austin is a very unique young man. For someone so young to think first of the needs of others rather than his own desires, especially during holiday season, is remarkable. How extremely honorable! I am very proud of him as I'm sure are his teachers, family, and friends.

Austin's act of selflessness reflects on his own kindness and the fantastic job his parents and family are doing raising him. Way to go, Austin!

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