We are beginning to learn more and more about John Russell Houser, the man police say is responsible for the shooting at the Grand Theater on Johnston Street.

WIAT-TV has given us a look into the old home of Houser, and it is a bit disturbing. The home appears to be littered in filth, along with paint splattered all over the walls. It appears to be a home of someone with major issues.

Houser's last residence was in Phenix City, Ala. and was foreclosed on in 2014. The house has since been sold.

When the new owners to the home asked Houser how long it would take for him to move out, he allegedly got angry with them and slammed the door in their face. Upon returning with police, the couple who had just purchased the home, found it this condition. Apparently Houser lost his mind and destroyed the home soon after the new owners left the property.

To make the story a bit more disturbing, WIAT-TV reports that the shooter in Lafayette also booby trapped the home he abandoned by disconnecting the gas line to the fireplace.


To see all of the photos from inside the former home of John Russell Houser visit WIAT-TV.

[Photos and Story courtesy of WIAT-TV]

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