Aileen Bennett is a writer, marketing consultant, illustrator, and now published author. Her new book a little book about fire has our area buzzing. And it’s not just local interest, orders have been placed for the order in national bookstores across the country.

If her name sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen it as a byline on the Be You column that is published in the Acadiana Advocate. In the weekly column, she interviews people who are doing things big and small in our community. She has a talent for highlighting how important it is to always be true to yourself.

In 'Fire', Aileen tackles something that is common and a central part of the human condition: adversity. It doesn’t matter what challenges we face, sometimes we have to be reminded that this too shall pass and that we are “fully loaded” to handle what comes our way.

Back in April, we sat outside a Downtown Lafayette coffee shop for me to see a proof version of the book. As I read it page by page, less than 300 words of written copy, I could think of someone who needed this message: Recognize your fire and put it to good use.

Aileen Bennett
Aileen Bennett

A public book signing and conversation is happening next week at Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette. I’ll be interviewing Aileen as she talks about the inspiration for the book and how it came together from the pages of her sketchbook to publication. I hope to see you there!

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