You don't see this very often.

Meteorologist Scott Pilie' posted a photo that shows what is described as a "Fogbow" from Broussard, Louisiana.

If you are in south Louisiana you already know that we started Thursday morning with a dense fog advisory and apparently this happened just south of Lafayette.

The photo shows what resembles a rainbow over a sugarcane field early Thursday morning as the fog began to burn off across the region.


According to, "Fogbows are sometimes called white rainbows, or cloudbows or ghost rainbows. They’re made much as rainbows are, from the same configuration of sunlight and moisture."

Fogbows don't contain much moisture, thus you don't see many colors in it like you would in a rainbow.

Still, this is pretty amazing and I am glad that someone caught this early Thursday morning.

More fog is expected Friday morning so be on the lookout for the Fogbow, and if you see one please try to get a photo of it---safely.


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