A 9-year-old black girl is dead because she was bullied in school.  McKenzie Adams was told repeatedly to "kill yourself" by many of her 4th grade classmates.  The reason, she was friends with a white male classmate.

This 9-year-old, adorable child allegedly hanged herself after being bullied and facing relentless racist comments like, "You ugly," "just die," "you think you're white because you ride with that white boy," and "black bitch".

On December 3, a family member found the young girl dead in her home in Linden, Alabama.  She couldn't take it anymore, so she did what her classmates at US Jones Elementary School said to do.  She took her own life.

Folks, this didn't happen in 1963 or 1968, this happened a few days ago in 2018.  This has to stop.

[Via:  New York Post]



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