It’s pretty common knowledge that most brides will stress out about losing weight before the wedding in an effort to fit into that perfect dress. For this Susanne Eman, however, fitting into the perfect dress means not losing sight of her goal and keeping her weight at 800 pounds.

Recently, Eman, a 800-pound Arizona woman, declared her intentions to become the heaviest woman in the world. The current record stands at 1,600 pounds, so she’s got her work cut out for her.

It seems like her goal is about to get a bit easier to reach now that she’s also announced her intentions to marry a chef. Yes, this rather large woman is now engaged and is in need of a rather large wedding dress to amble down the aisle in. In fact, the dress will require 45 yards of material. Her waist is 107.5 inches, which translates to nine feet around, so the dressmaker also has her work cut out for her.

To continue on her journey to be the world’s fattest woman while she plans her dream wedding, Eman eats about 30,000 calories a day. For the average person, that’s about 15 to 20 days worth of calories. The good news for her is that her future husband loves to cook and she loves his cooking. We can only imagine the feast they will have at the reception. Watch a report on Eman’s quest below.

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