I was driving down Chemin Metairie in Youngsville yesterday when I saw a 737 flying over. And then it landed in a parking lot.

Of course, it's a radio-controlled model airplane. Of course there's no parking lot in Youngsville long enough for a 737 to land (unless you count the Youngsville Highway in front of NuNu's at 4:30pm). It's the parking lot of the Youngsville Sports Complex, and I've seen this guy out there before.

From what I am told, he is a retired military man, and flying model RC airplanes is his hobby since retiring. He had 3 airplanes out: this 737, a military-style jet (maybe an F-15?), and a prop-job plane.

There were a few people out watching him fly his planes, as it was a great day for it.

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