You've heard of the 610 Stompers, haven't you? They're the "Ordinary Men with Extraordinary Moves" who march and dance at parades, sporting events, etc. They wear pale blue short shorts, red satin jackets, striped headbands, and tube socks. The uniform is just crazy enough to be funny which makes the dance moves these regular Joes bust even more awesome. The 689 Swampers, on the other hand, describe themselves as, " all male Mardi Gras dance team that performs authentic choreographed dances in the Jean Lafitte parade."  They're from Lafitte, Louisiana, and they wear mullets, white boots, life jackets, cutoffs, and baseball caps. Their moves are also extraordinary. We LOVE their Carnival spirit and can't to see what they do next! (I think we need them in the Krewe des Canailles parade next year!) #onlyinlouisiana #onlyatmardigras

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