Before Duke and Temple took the field at Thursday's Independence Bowl, chef John Folse brought out his1,068-gallon pot, and a couple paddles, and whipped up a 6,800 pound gumbo!

The massive amount of gumbo filled 11,000 bowls that were sold for $5 each with proceeds going to the Fisher House Foundation to provide housing for families of patients in military and Veterans Administration medical centers.

So, what exactly goes into a 6,800 pound gumbo? A lot of seafood that's what!

  • 983 pounds of shrimp
  • 590 pounds of catfish
  • 299 pounds of crab
  • 262 pounds of alligator
  • 111 pounds of oysters
  • 33 pounds of crawfish

For more details check out the full story on the KATC website.

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