One food that I consider comfort food is a good shrimp po'boy, and boy do we have some good ones here in South Louisiana. However, would you add another food to your shrimp po’boy?

How about adding some Fruity Pebbles on top of that shrimp po’boy? Yep, this is not a joke. There are people adding Fruity Pebbles to fried shrimp po'boys!

This food combination sounds a little strange right? Well, our friends in Wyoming are selling fried shrimp po’boys with Fruity Pebbles on them. This twist on a southern staple can be found at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, which is taking place in Cheyenne, Wyoming from July 23 through Aug. 1.

Fun Biz is the famous award-winning culinary creators of this very interesting po'boy and currently runs food stands across the country.

I am always up for trying new foods but I am not so sure about this. I really love my fried shrimp po'boys and I don't know if they would be the same after I tried this spin on it.


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