Everyone who drives in Lafayette traffic on a regular basis, can attest as to how frustrating it can be.  Especially during drive times, holidays, when school zones are in effect and most Saturdays.  There are ways to improve the movement of Lafayette's traffic, literally overnight.





  • 1

    When The Light Turns Green, GO!

    Why do people just sit at a green light for what seems to be an eternity before taking off?

  • 2

    Go The Speed Limit!

    No one is asking anyone to go over the speed limit, just if the speed limit is 40, by God, go 40!

  • 3

    Get Off The Phone And DRIVE!

    Everyday, I find proof that some people don't have the mental capacity to do both.

  • 4

    When Making A Right Turn Into A Parking Lot, JUST DO IT!

    Why in the world does it take some people so long to turn right from a roadway into a parking lot or driveway?

  • 5

    And Most Importantly, The Left Lane Is NOT For Slowpokes!

    People people people, what are we going to do about this epidemic in Lafayette. If you aren't passing another vehicle, STAY OUT OF THE LEFT LANE!

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