The unknown has always fascinated me. The legends that have been created around these real people are hard to explain, and where they really came from, went, or who they really were might just fascinate you too.

The first person mentioned is The Man In The Iron Mask. He was a prisoner who's identity still remains a mystery to this day. You might remember a Leonardo DiCaprio movie of the same name.

Secondly comes Gil Perez. He claims to have been working as a guard in the Philippines, and suddenly appeared in Mexico City. He brought with him knowledge that the Governor of Manila, where he was working, had just been assassinated. Two months later, news arrived via ship from the Philippines that it was true. He went back to his home and lived out a normal life, with no one knowing how he was suddenly transported to Mexico.

Next, the video gets to D.B. Cooper which is a fascinating story in and of itself. This one can have it's own post. If you don't know the full story, do yourself a favor and read up on it. Long story short, he hijacked a commercial airplane, demanded a $200,000 ransom, let the passengers off the plane, and parachuted out with the money, never to be seen again.

Fourth up is the Babushka Lady who is a woman that was seen in pictures from the Kennedy assassination. He has never been identified, but in photos, she's seen not taking cover, but filming on a camera the whole scenario. The FBI asked her to come forward, especially for her footage. Obviously, it never happened.

Lastly is the Green Children of Woolpit. They were two children who were brother and sister, having appeared in Woolpit in the 1100's. They had green skin, and spoke an unrecognized language. Eventually, their skin lost it's green pigment, and they learned to speak English. When they explained where they were from, no one could wrap their minds around it, and theories were proposed that they were from Middle Earth or a parallel dimension.

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