Taking a drug test soon?  There are 4 things that can make you fail it that have nothing to do with anything illegal.

Debbie Ray from 'CJ and Debbie Ray in the Morning' is a big fan of 'Seinfeld'.  She was telling me about an episode where Elaine tested positive for opium because she had eaten poppy seeds.  Turns out that's true.  It can happen if you eat them an hour or two before being tested.

There are at least 4 other legal substances that can make you test positive for drugs in your system.

  1. Tonic Water.  Tonic water has something in it called quinine.  Quinine is mixed with street drugs a lot of times.  Therefore if it appears to be in your system, this may be a flag to the testers that you've done drugs.  It only takes the amount of tonic water found in one drink to cause a false reading.
  2. Cold Medicines.  Some decongestants can make you test positive for meth.  Check with your doctor if you'll be having a drug test soon as certain antibiotics can also make you test positive for drugs, like opiates and heroin.
  3. Ibuprofen.  High doses of ibuprofen can show that you have marijuana in your system.  However, aspirin or Tylenol are fine.
  4. Baby Soap.  Yes, believe it or not, baby soap.  Newborns who have been tested for drugs because of questionable habits of their mothers, were found to have marijuana in their system when there was none.  Experts believe this false reading is due to some types of baby soap.

Bottom line is this, if you'll be taking a drug test in the near future and have come in contact with anything on this list, let your tester know.


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