Malaysian Airlines flight 370 disappeared over the Indian Ocean on March 8th, 2014 with 239 people aboard. Nearly three years later, the missing 777 has yet to be found. The governments of China, Malaysia & Australia have spent a combined 160 million dollars, making it the most expensive search in aviation history. They've scoured a 46,000 square mile search area to no avail. ABC News reports, the search has been called off. The joint search agency said in a statement,"Despite every effort using the best science available, cutting-edge technology, as well as modeling and advice from highly skilled professionals who are the best in their field, unfortunately, the search has not been able to locate the aircraft. Accordingly, the underwater search for MH370 has been suspended. The decision to suspend the underwater search has not been taken lightly nor without sadness." It appears the fate of the plane, its passengers, and crew may never be known.

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