Tennessee authorities are searching for a missing 3-day-old baby after her mother was found shot to death. The baby was last seen with her mother.

The mother was found in a community south of Memphis shot dead in a passenger vehicle, according to the story from NBC.

The baby's name is Kennedy Hoyle and, as stated above, she was last seen with her mother. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations has issued an Amber Alert in association with Kennedy's disappearance.

According to the story from NBC, one man was detained (presumably for questioning), but there has been no report of an arrest or even a person of interest.

The story quotes Kennedy's grandmother, her panic obvious in her words.

"I just want my grandbaby... that's all I want".  - April Campbell, via NBC

Campbell ponders why someone would want to hurt a baby, and scolds whoever took her, reminding them that they could have dropped the baby off at a safe place. "I'm just praying that she ain't hurt", Campbell says.

Anyone with information on little Kennedy's whereabouts is urged to contact the local authorities in Memphis: the Memphis Police Department (901-545-2677) or the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (800-824-3463).

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