I am guessing that it was 'improper parenting', but, whatever the 'reason', this is just sick:  A 17-year-old boy from Pittsburgh robbed/carjacked an usher from the stadium where the Pirates play baseball.  58-year-old Michael Schacht was leaving an extra-inning game when he was stricken by a heart attack.  Slumped over and unresponsive, he was removed from the car by the suspect, had his wallet AND car stolen.  Schacht died at the scene.  According to the story from Yahoo! News, the suspect doesn't 'qualify' to be tried as an adult.

I am 'qualified' to take that suspect out to the marsh for a few days.  I know some good canals that would 'qualify' as a challenge to him.  What would you do if it were your father that this kid left for dead?  Would you push to have him tried as an adult?

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