New Orleans has been a romantic destination for sweethearts for over a century. People save up, plan their trips, and head to the Crescent City for special occasions all the time. And sometimes they forget what a dangerous place it can be, unfortunately.

And a Houston couple found this out the hard way over the weekend. On Saturday, June 19th, Gary and Sandra Fidelman were celebrating a very special occasion, their 50th wedding anniversary, in the most romantic place they could think of - New Orleans. The pair were at the Le Bon Temps Roule bar in the Uptown neighborhood when their car was stolen in broad daylight. The Fidelman's and other family members were at the bar around 4:00 pm when a woman they didn't know pulled up next to their 2014 red Toyota Highlander.

Gary Fidelman told WWL “She was screaming obscenities at me. I wasn’t prepared for it, I didn’t expect it and we were supposed to be in a safe location,” And in that moment, they didn't realize a man had jumped in their vehicle. His wife said “He floored it and it squealed. He almost hit somebody because he just hit the accelerator."

Of course they were shocked and upset about their car, but more importantly, their wedding album from 50 years ago was in the vehicle, and they fear those memories will be gone forever. They do have several digital pictures, but the album was something they wanted to pass along to their children. To read more about the Fidelman's story read the info from WWL, or see the video below.





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