Last week, Covington County Mississippi Correctional Facility reported on their Facebook page that 17 housed inmates were baptized. Of the thousands of people who read and shared the story, there was not one negative comment.

The ministry that has been provided at the Covington County Correctional Facility has been a blessing in many ways. We hope this is a new start and will change the lives of these and many more.-Covington County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page

Due to the help of Darrell Perkins, Ricky Lott and Tim Culpepper, 17 inmates will get a "new start".


Look at all of the people God used that had been in prison including the Apostles!!!! Good job everyone...God has a big plan for y'all!!!! Praise God!!!!-Ernie Eden Facebook




Good news!!! This shows that God will be there for his children no matter where they are...praying for all of you!!!!-Sandra Tulos Williams Facebook

The fact that 17 inmates received God into their lives is wonderful. But the interesting fact here is that of the hundreds and hundreds of responses and over a thousand shares on Facebook alone, there has been not been one negative comment.
In a time when a picture of a kitten will spark a, "I hate cats." comment, 17 people who are in jail for stealing, hurting other people, selling drugs illegally, etc., managed to perform an act that has created zero negative comments. At the time this story is publishing, there is not one negative comment.
17 inmates receiving God into their lives is certainly not a bad thing, but the public reaction is most remarkable. When was the last time you saw hundreds of people comment about something on Facebook and EVERYONE had something nice to say? Never!
Not one "They don't deserve it." or "God doesn't like bad people." comments on social media about what could have become a somewhat controversial situation down south.
A "new start" for the inmates at the Covington County Law Enforcement Complex may also be a "new record" for Facebook.

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