It’s the game show in which, if you don’t give an answer, you may just win: Jeopardy. All of your “answers” must actually be in the form of a question. For example, if Alex Trebec, the host, were to give the clue “He said that he’d treat your car like it was his own, but he said it in French”, you’d have to say “Who is JP Thibodeaux?” to “answer” correctly.

That answer/question combination never popped up on the actual TV show, but several questions about Acadiana have. Here are 10 times the topic of or subjects from Acadiana have made it to Jeopardy.


  • Facebook/Robyn Wimberley Blackwell
    Facebook/Robyn Wimberley Blackwell

    We Are Here!

    On the episode which aired July 11, 2017. The category was “L” ON EARTH, worth $1200. The clue: “We are here! In this Louisiana city that’s home to the Ragin’ Cajuns”.  The question, of course, “What is Lafayette?”

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    The Heart of French Louisiana

    This episode aired November 17, 2004. The category was “U.S. CITIES”, worth $800. The clue: “The heart of French Louisiana & the unofficial capital of the Cajun Country is this city named for a French patriot”. The question, of course, “What is Lafayette?”

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Crawfish Over White Rice

    On the episode which aired May 17, 2004: The Category was “ARE YOU A FOOD”E”?, worth $1200. The clue, given by Brian Mitchell of UL and the NFL: “My specialty on the field is kick returns; in the kitchen, it’s this (dish): crawfish served over white rice”. The question: “What is etouffee’?”

  • Festivals Acadiens et Creoles, Facebook
    Festivals Acadiens et Creoles, Facebook

    Festivals Acadiens et Créoles!

    On the episode which aired November 11, 2002: The category was “FESTIVALS”, worth $1600. The clue: “Each September the city of Lafayette in this southern state is home to Festivals Acadiens”. Again, the question was “What is Lafayette?”

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    Ain't No Party Like A Chubby Party!

    On the episode that aired June 30, 2016: The category was “ECO” FRIENDLY”, worth $1000. The clue: “Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band are famous for playing this type of music”.  The question was “What is Zydeco?”

  • ETSY/Kawasaki T
    ETSY/Kawasaki T

    Laisses Les Kawasaki Rouler??

    On an episode that originally aired September 9, 2017: the category was “Speaking Cajun”, worth $400. The clue: “Kawasaki knows “Laisses les bon temps rouler!” means this”.  And we all know that question! “What is Let the good times roll!?”

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    An episode that aired June 9, 2006: the category was “PEOPLE & PLACES”, worth $400. The clue: “Cajun” is an alteration of this 7-letter word for a person from a former French colony in Canada”.  The question: “What is Acadian?”

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    The "Boot"

    From the episode that aired on May 19, 2010. The category was “IN THE ARENA”, worth $200. The clue: “The Ragin Cajuns play basketball in the Cajundome arena in this state”. The question: “What is Louisiana?”

  • Nova Scotia Google Maps
    Nova Scotia Google Maps


    A January 8, 1990 episode, under the “U.S. HISTORY” category, came this clue for $500: “The Cajuns migrated to Louisiana from there.”  The question: “What is Nova Scotia?”

  • Exclamation Point
    Exclamation Point

    Hometown Famous

    And, finally, one of the contestants from Louisiana who appeared on Jeopardy, competing in Season 20 on an episode that aired October 13, 2003 was Emily Robin, a development director originally from Lafayette. She finished 2nd in Final Jeopardy, with a total “score” of $19,200!

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