When a person has an injured arm or leg it’s usually very apparent to those around them. They see the limp, the sling, the cast, the crutches, and almost instantly empathy kicks in. We all like to be the kind of person who helps others right? Well, sometimes the situation that is causing an individual pain may not be quite as apparent.

Such is the case with the millions of Americans who suffer from depression. I can tell you from personal experience that this malady when left untreated can have devastating consequences. Not only can it derail the life of the depressed person, but it can also create tension and anxiety on other family members and friends.

However, to someone on the outside, everything looks to be just fine. But, it's not. It REALLY is not.

Depression is something that can be treated medically. In many cases, a good therapist can help a depressed individual come to terms with what is causing their issue. Sometimes medication is prescribed to aid the depressed person in dealing with the symptoms of this happiness robbing malady.

The good news is that we can overcome depression but it’s not easy. It certainly isn’t as easy as others might think it is. You know the people who tell you to “just get over it” or “stop being so sad”. I get it, they are attempting to be helpful but they are not.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do as a depressed individual or friend or family member of someone who suffers from depression. And these little things can make a huge difference in changing the mindset of the depressed and breaking the cycle of sadness.

10 Things You Can Do Now to Beat Depression


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