There has always been a food insecurity problem in America, and the coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated the situation.

According to the non-profit Do Something, the term “food insecurity” means that a person doesn't know where or when they’ll find their next meal. The USDA's figures for 2019 show that there were around 35 million people who experienced hunger in the United States. Now, due to the coronavirus pandemic, that number is somewhere near 50 million, including around 17 million children.

Our local food banks are always taking donations in the form of food to distribute to those in need,  or cash, which is used to purchase what is needed most.

Before you make any donations to your local food bank, call them and ask questions. That is THE BEST thing to do before donating.

Otherwise, to give you an idea of what many food banks are saying, here are 10 things to know that will make your donation most effective.


10 Things to Know Before Donating to Your Local Food Bank

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