If you shopped at any of the ten following stores since January 2017, you could possibly have had your information compromised. Not saying 100% that you did, but these particular businesses have all had customer data that has been stolen or breached, according to Business Insider. Some were caused by flaws in the payment systems in the stores, or online, and hackers just took advantage of this.

  • Saks Fifth Avenue - online customers not affected, but  debit and credit cards in stores were
  • Lord & Taylor - in stores data was breached
  • Under Armour - data from their app MyFitnessPal was breached
  • Panera Bread - data leak on their website
  • Forever 21 - cashier terminals had a flaw that caused a compromise to customers information
  • Sonic - all 3,600 locations use the same payment system, and the company says security was possibly compromised
  • Whole Foods - breach occurred at those locations with table service inside the restaurants and taprooms, but not in the stores. This was due to a flaw in point of sale system
  • KMart - credit card info was stolen inside stores
  • Gamestop - breach occurred inside the website's payment processor for online purchases
  • Arby's - malware in the cashier systems allowed access by unauthorized parties

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