If you've lived in or visited Louisiana for any amount of time you know that we have a festival for just about anything and everything.

If it walks, crawls, slivers, swims, grows, or basically makes any type of movement and we can eat it, we more than likely have a festival for it. (Shoot, we even have festivals for fictional characters like the Rougarou.)

Over the last few years though, it seems like Louisiana has done a good job of asking itself, "what's something we love but isn't celebrated like it should with a festival?"

Those ideas have usually worked out. Just reference newbies like the Snowball Festival in Downtown Lafayette or New Orleans' Fried Chicken Festival.

But, still, there are some untapped opportunities. We did some thinking, a little brainstorming, some social media crowd-sourcing, and we came up with a few things that don't have their own festival but it may just be time that someone creates one.

So here you go, a few ideas if any city, town or village in the great state of Louisiana wants to generate a little money.

10 Festivals We Don't Have in Louisiana But Need

We have festivals for just about everything in Louisiana, but there are still quite a few great ideas out there.


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