One thing I love about pizza is that it is so versatile, and it is easy. With the addition of just one topping, you can change the whole character of a pizza.

For example, you can have a cheese and tomato pizza, and it's great, right? Well, add fresh basil to that pizza, and it transforms into something totally different from what it was prior to the basil. (Caprese, y'all. It's called Caprese.)

I have a list of my favorite pizza toppings, though if you were to put them all on the same pizza, it might not be the best thing you've eaten.

Now, to answer the question that has been on your mind since you read the title to this story: yes. Anchovies are on the list.

And now, in no particular order, here are the best 10 toppings for pizza.


10 Best Pizza Toppings


So, there you have it: my favorite pizza toppings. I realize that there are dozens, if not hundreds of other toppings to put on pizza, but these are my go-to choices.

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