Who's the world's #1 touring act?.. Lady Gaga?.. Justin Beiber?.. Katy Perry? Kanye?.......None Of The Above!   In the past year, Bon Jovi has done 74 shows in 15 countries.  The total take was $203 Million in ticket sales and $20 million in merchandise.  Justin Beiber, Kanye West, and Katy Perry combined didn't equal that figure.

 #1 Touring Act Flops @ 'Rock Band'

            I was treated to a very exhuberant performance by Bon Jovi   @ The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, just a couple weeks ago.   Jon is masterful at working a crowd, but ironically, he's a flop at 'Rock Band'  

 'I failed--it buzzed me down'   -Jon  Bon Jovi