It isn't really a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony unless we get to speculate over whether a former member of a nominated act might return to stand (and perform) alongside his former bandmates during the ceremony.

This year, it's Bon Jovi that's making rock fans wonder — and ex-guitarist Richie Sambora has officially weighed in on whether getting inducted would be enough to get him back onstage with the group.

Sambora's thoughts were solicited by one of TMZ's roving camera crews, which caught him as he was preparing to drive off but still managed to keep him still long enough for a brief interview. Expressing noncommittal optimism about the group's odds of getting in this year, he shrugged, "I hope so, we'll see what happens. Ultimately, I think we were gonna get in there anyway, but I wasn't holding my breath for it. You never know. When you get in, you get in."

That being said, Sambora seemed eager to earn the honor. "If you ever dug the band, vote for us," he said when asked to offer a message to fans. "Please vote for us."

Bon Jovi's fans have definitely been hitting the polls — the group has jumped out to an early lead in the fan vote, edging out the Moody Blues — and while that's no guarantee that they'll actually get in, those voters can look forward to a reunion if the band is inducted. Asked whether he'd be willing to show up and/or play with the band, Sambora responded, "I think so, yeah. Everything's cool. Everything's copacetic."

The fans are out in force, Sambora is willing to take part in a one-night reunion and this could be Bon Jovi's Rock Hall moment. But he isn't making travel plans just yet — as he put it, "I don't count my chickens before they hatch, baby."

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