Working Women Surpass Men In Advanced Degrees

For the first time, more working American women have bachelor and advanced degrees than their male co-workers. Census figures released yesterday show that as of last year, 37% of women 25 and older had a bachelor’s degree or more, compared with 35% of men.

 As they move from the home and into the workforce, women began surpassing men in college enrollment in the 1980s. Overall, 30% of adults 25 and older, or 60 million people, had at least a bachelor’s degree. That’s an increase of 4 percentage points from 2000. Other highlights:

  • 87% of adults 25 and older had at least a high school diploma or equivalent, up from 84% in 2000.
  • Of the 200 million people 25 and older in 2010, 26 million had not completed high school, while 174 million had at least a high school education.