The NFL has taken a lot of heat this year, for various reasons. The whole 'Let's don't stand up for the National Anthem' fiasco has not set well with some people. And others think it's just fine, because we are in America.

But either way, we here in Louisiana are not holding back out excitement that our New Orleans Saints could be headed to US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on February 4th for the Super Bowl. We don't want to jinx it, but we're hoping!

Justin Timberlake will be performing at halftime for Super Bowl 52, and Pink will sing the National Anthem. Unbelievably, neither will get paid.

According to TIME Magazine, NFL Director of Programming Lawrence Randall said 'We’re putting someone up there for 12 and a half minutes in front of the largest audience that any television program garners in the United States, It’s a pretty good deal. It’s the famous win-win for both parties'. Except that the artist doesn't get paid. I don't know about you, but this just does not seem right. It seems greedy and petty. I hope they re think this policy, and let's be honest, the NFL could really use some good publicity for a change.

The New Orleans Saints take on the Minnesota Vikings Sunday, January 14th at 3:40 CST. You can hear all the action on 97.3 the Dawg!