Every man who's ever been involved with a woman, has wondered why do women test men?  It goes back, way back.

Do women play games with men, sure they do, and most women may not even know why.  A study looked at the tactics women use when playing hard to get and found that while it may drive men crazy, it’s actually their way of finding out whether a guy measures up.

Researchers studied more than 50 different strategies commonly used by women in relationships, like flirting with other men, withholding sex, being sarcastic, pretending to be busy and turning down the first few dates.  They determined that women rely on these manipulative moves to test whether their guy will stand by them once they have a child.  This is an instinct that goes way back in evolutionary history.

So men, go easy on your woman, the reason she may do things to drive you crazy is totally out of her control...it's built in!

[Via:  Mail Online]