Shannon and I went to brunch the other day at a popular leauxcal breakfast/brunch/lunch eatery, and the food was delicious! I ordered a burger with boudin and cheese, and it came with fries. I like ketchup with my fries, and I like pepper in my ketchup.

Here's where the problem came in: when I shook the pepper shaker (because that's what you are supposed to do to get pepper into your ketchup) very little came out of the shaker. A pepper powder did emerge, but few actual pepper flakes. I looked through the shaker and saw that it was almost full.

Realizing what the problem was, I unscrewed the top of the shaker and then poured directly from the opening.

Am I being too critical? Imagine not having coffee condiments when you order your coffee. Or not having a spoon for your gumbo. I NEED PEPPER IN MY KETCHUP!

Attention restaurant owners/operators: get smaller pepper flakes, larger holes in your shakers, or, if you really want to make an impression, get pepper mills. Your cooperation will lower my blood pressure.