John E. Holden wrote his own obituary, offering a glimpse into the life of a funny (and obviously proud) man.

A veteran of WWII (he flew the Corsair), Mr. Holden wrote his obituary several years ago, hoping (I am sure) to not have to use it any time soon.  Well, his time came, but it looks like it wasn't too soon, for it seems that he had a great life.

According to his self-penned obituary, as printed by Lancaster Online, Mr. Holden had been a married for 61 years before his wife died, and then

had a number of other wives recently, none of which were his.

At the end of the obituary, he gets serious (but only for a moment), asking for donations (in lieu of flowers) be made to the Honor Air program, which sends WWII Veterans (free of charge) to see the memorial erected in their honor in Washington DC.

The whole obituary is touching, funny, and a great idea!!  I think I'll start writing mine tonight (I hope to not use it any time soon!!)