Jan Risher -

Ending a vacation is bittersweet.

So much fun.

So relaxing.

So many great memories.

Especially when said vacation has been spent with the family of a good friend. The good friend my family happened to spend our vacation with went to college with me. Since our university days, we haven’t had the chance to spend considerable time together. This week, we made up for it.

We rented a house on a beach, and our families proceeded to get to know each other. It was a win-win. We shared expenses and chores around the house. The kids entertained each other. We caught up on all the years between then and now, sharing the details of the relationships, careers and geography through the years. There was much to tell. And finally, we had time to tell it.

Having the chance to share so much with someone who knew you back then and has watched the twists and turns of life from afar was healthy for us both. Our time together was a reminder of the value of the people who knew you when you were young.

Plus, our children got to know each other and learn more about us from someone else’s perspective.

All in all, our week together was a smashing success. We hope to make it a tradition, but for now, we’re taking a step toward home — and nothing’s wrong with that.