I often give my bride grief over her laissez-faire treatment of her iPhone. She's lost one iPhone to the washing machine and most frustrating of all to me, lets our girls play with her phone. I don't think she has to be as OCD about her phone as I am about mine, but I do think she should keep her phone out of the reach of our children.

Especially when they could do something really, really expensive with it, like say, buy a car on eBay.

That's just what happened to one poor dad in Oregon. Paul Stoute let his fourteen month old daughter, Sorella,  play with his smartphone, never suspecting that she would access his eBay app and purchase a a vintage 1962 Austin-Healey. Thankfully, it only cost around $200, but it could have been far worse. Paul has decided to keep the car and raise funds online with the goal of restoring the vehicle, according to CNET.com

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