David Foster Wallace, an award-winning novelist, gave the commencement speech to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College in Ohio.

Wallace suffered from depression, and took his own life in 2008.  After his death, his speech was published as a book in 2009, and was titled "This Is Water".

I watched the video this morning, and it did a few things for me: it helped me put 'perspective' to my life, and it made me want to show it to every young person about to enter the 'real world'.

If I had children, I would probably take time to watch this video with them several times during their high school and college years, and I would incorporate some of the 'wisdoms' of the video into my daily 'parenting', not only for my children, but for myself.

The video is 10 minutes long, but YOU NEED THIS VIDEO IN YOUR LIFE.  Watch it. You'll thank me later.



(Via Youtube and Wiki)