Do you remember that story, back in the early 1990's, about the woman that was awarded $2.9 million after suing McDonald's over a coffee burn?  I do.  I remember it well, and, if you were like me, you made a joke about "I'll drop hot coffee on my lap for a couple of million dollars.." or something similar.

Well, after watching this video, I changed my mind.

This (very graphic) video sets some facts straight about the case: she wasn't driving; she didn't intentionally burn herself; and she wasn't awarded $2.9 million.

Again, I caution you:  THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES OF SEVERE BURNS TO A HUMAN.   If you have a weak stomach, DO NOT WATCH, rather, turn your head while the video plays and just listen to the audio.  Believe me, you will learn a lot about the case.

These burns are so severe, I will not put the actual video on our page; I will put up a link so that you must click through to view the video, so there's no excuse for you watching it and saying "I wish they would have told me it was severe".  I'm telling you now:  the burns are severe.

Did I mention that the video is 'graphic'?

After doing more searching, I found out that the above clip is a 'trailer' for an HBO Documentary about  different cases that made their way through the American Justice System.  Here is another trailer for that same documentary (which includes some other cases, not just the "Hot Coffee" case).


I will have to say that, after seeing these videos, I feel bad for thinking that it was a frivolous lawsuit.