Chef Roger Paul, aka "The Easy Cajun", posted this status on his wall that contains a confession.

Chef Roger Paul (originally from New Orleans) admitted to, at some point several years ago, using the derogatory "C" word when referring to Cajuns.  His update

might help some people empathize with what Paula Deen is going through at this time.

His status update on Facebook starts like this:

My friends, I am writing here tonight to make a heartfelt confession :-(

A little over 25 years ago, while in a different time here in our country, I used the “C” word.

It wasn’t used in a malicious way, or intended to be derogatory toward anyone, or even a sign of disrespect to people around me. I grew up hearing the word used frequently and felt it was just another part of our language.

Though the post may be tongue-in-cheek (itis written in a heart-felt manner), I think that it may put a local spin on what Paula Deen is going through, and help some of "us" get a better perspective on the situation.


(Via Facebook)