Ten Facts You May Not Know About Elvis Presley

Elvis was an Usher. Before he drove a truck, he was an usher at the Loews State Theater in Memphis.  He was fired from that job.  But guess where 'Jailhouse Rock' starring Elvis Presley premiered?  You guessed it, Loews State Theater in Memphis!

Elvis was a twin. His twin brother was Jesse Garon Presley and died at birth.  Elvis was haunted by this his entire life.  His mother Gladys used to say Elvis had the energy of 2 people.

Elvis was profoundly spiritual. Elvis used to say he was on a journey to find out "why me"?  "All this fame could have happened to anybody, why me."  He had gone into the bathroom and took a book that his hairdresser had just given him called The Scientific Search For The Face Of Jesus by Frank Adams.  It was reported that he was reading porn when he died: not true.

Elvis was almost broke when he died. His divorce from Priscilla, his extravagant spending, his bad habits and bad business deals had him strapped for cash toward the end.  His dad Vernon Presley had even let go some of the entourage.  It was those same men who exposed Elvis' bad habits in a book called Elvis, What Happened.  Elvis was devastated over that book.  It has been said that Elvis died with less than one million dollars to his name.  Just before he died he said to Vernon, "Don't worry about the money, I'll just go out on the road and make more."

Elvis made only one commercial for a product during his lifetime. It was a radio spot for Southern Maid Doughnuts out of Garland, TX.  Elvis loved discovered these sweet gems during his days on the 'Louisiana Hayride'.

Elvis and Barbra Streisand in A Star Is Born. Backstage in Vegas one night, Barbra Streisand offered Elvis a role in A Star Is Born.  Elvis wanted to play the role (later given to Kris Kristofferson), and was really excited about it because he wanted a serious role in a major film, especially after years of cookie cutter roles in a string of not so prestigious films.  But Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis' only manager, said "No".  The reason? Barbra Streisand would have gotten top billing.  Many say this role could have saved Elvis Presley.

Elvis' last words. To girlfriend Ginger Alden, he said something about not being able to sleep and going into the bathroom to "read".  She has said in interviews that she told him not to fall asleep in there.  (Elvis' bathroom has a full-sized barber chair in it.)  He supposedly replied, "I won't".

His last words to anyone outside of Graceland were to his first cousin and assistant, Billy Smith, over the phone.  "Billy, son," he said, referring to his upcoming series of concerts, "this is gonna be my best tour ever."

Elvis' last songs. After playing a round of racquetball, Elvis sat down at the piano in the racquetball court (still there to this day) and played two songs.  'Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain' and 'Unchained Melody'.  Then he went upstairs to his bedroom.

Elvis was lonely. Elvis was in his grand room at the Hilton in Vegas with a room full of guests, sat down near a desk, opened the drawer, took our a small pad of paper with 'Hilton' on the letterhead and wrote, "I'm the only person I know who can walk into a room full of people and be alone."  That note is on display at Graceland.

Elvis was buried twice. Elvis was originally buried next to his mother, Gladys, at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis.  Shortly after, several young men attempted to steal his body.  So Vernon, Elvis' dad, decided to move both bodies to the grounds of Graceland (having to get special permission from the city of Memphis to do so).  The bodies of Elvis and his mother were moved to Graceland in October of '77.

[Via:  About.com]