(By Holly Bailey)

Ted Nugent loves Sarah Palin, but he's not sure he could support her for president.

The legendary rocker, a well-known conservative and, like Palin, a passionate defender of the right to hunt animals, tells CNN's Anderson Cooper that he is a "huge fan" of Alaska's Republican ex-governor. But he said it's "too early" to say whether she would be a good president. "Right now, no. Today, no," Nugent told CNN, per GOP 12. "Right now, if we had a vote today, I couldn't vote for Sarah Palin."

That's not to say Nugent holds the former Alaska governor in low regard.

"She's on her way to being a good leader," Nugent says. "She's coming from the street, she's coming from the we-the-people rank and file, she makes sense when she talks, she says all the right things, she's sincere, she's knowledgeable, she's articulate, plus she's damned good-looking."

And, Nugent added, "she kills moose."